Brand New Website and Forum

Coffee and a Good Book New Website Design: A Case Study

The Situation

Coffee and a Good Book is a popular Facebook fan page with 112,000 followers. The page became so popular that the creators decided to make a brand new website and forum. 

Coffee and a Good Book Facebook Page Design


Before beginning the website design, Chrys investigated the personality of the organization. 

She noticed some common elements that needed to be integrated into the design: Colorful playfulness, along with imagination-inspiring galaxies and unicorns. This theme was juxtaposed with imagery of coffee and books. 

Chrys consulted with the clients to learn what they wanted from their website.

The clients definitely wanted a forum for members to talk about their interests. 

Chrys learned they did not want a new shop just yet, but they did want a shop tab linking to their Etsy page.

Finally, they’d been running a non-subscription book club, delivering handmade goodies and a book for members who opted in each month. 



The existing personality of the company set the tone for the new website’s unconventional color palette. 

The main header features a galaxy, with a large header consistent with today’s popular trending designs. 

Bright blue, pink, and green were integrated throughout the site, for consistency with the logo and flavor of the organization. 

Chrys found an Etsy widget that  would allow her clients to display their shop right on their website, without having to open a new shop. This was particularly exciting as a solution for the customer, and the widget was added to the site. 

Chrys customized the organization’s forum with subtle tributes to the logo, such as a pink “hot” button in place of the default orange. 

Finally, Chrys created a page dedicated solely to promoting the monthly book boxes, complete with an FAQ. 

What the clients think of their new website

“I sought Chrys out after seeing a post about her making new websites, and other than wanting a website, I had absolutely no other idea really what I wanted. I am not computer savvy, or technologically inclined, but I gave her the basic idea I hoped was possible. 

She immediately looked into every possible option that would suit my needs, took the time to get to know my brand, and image, and then offered up ideas and advice. She was very fast and thorough, fabulous price, friendly and helpful to work with, and was very dedicated to staying true to my wants and needs. 

What she created was user friendly, and she has gone out of her way to walk me through things, and answer any questions, and never once made me feel like I was asking something stupid. I have very much enjoyed working with her, could not be happier with the site she created, and look forward to working with her again.

I five star would recommend her to anyone looking to update their page or looking for a new one. She is amazing at making things sound authentic and flow true to the company or brand, it never feels like a bot wrote your stuff. Thank you Chrys, I love, love, love what you have done. ♥”

“I was introduced to Chrys through a mutual friend. I was in desperate need of a website but the task seemed daunting to me. I know absolutely nothing about designing or creating a website. My brand is my baby and I wanted to make sure it was done properly. 

Chrys’ work went above and beyond my expectations. She patiently answered all my questions and listened to what I wanted. 

My new website is AMAZING and Chrys really took the time to learn and research my brand AND my personality. I cannot even take credit for half the writing on the website because even though it sounds like ME, it was all written by Chrys. She is that amazing. 

I HIGHLY recommend her service to every single person looking into creating or updating a website. The only thing you’ll be disappointed with is that you didn’t know about this wonderful designer sooner.”

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