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Most hiring managers look at applicants' LinkedIn profiles when deciding whether to offer them an interview. Recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates based on job titles and descriptions.

The situation

A client in Bellingham found himself unexpectedly back in the job market. His LinkedIn profile had been set up, but it was very bare bones. His former job title was vague, as was his summary.

This client had an interest in pursuing a career in Operations Management. Unfortunately, his profile did not clearly present him as a manager.

Impacting his professional credibility, the client had only about 15 connections on LinkedIn.

It was clear he was capable of updating his profile on his own, but with the job search and other matters taking up his time, he needed outside assistance getting his profile found by recruiters.

Chrys of SEO by Chrys


Chrys interviewed the client to discover his career interests, and his relevant background experiences.

Next, Chrys looked at current Operations Manager job postings and documented which skills and keywords were most often mentioned in the descriptions. 

She discovered that, although his previous job title didn’t explicitly call him an Operations Manager, that is exactly what he’d been doing in his duties. 

She noted the matches between his experience and keywords.

With this new information, Chrys had the tools to give her client’s profile a fresh perspective. 


The top of the page highlighted his traits as an operations management expert, a mentor to employees, and a technical wizard. 

His summary included important keywords that recruiters would be searching for. 

His job title reflected his main duties, which were in line with the career he sought. The duties included additional keywords that showed up frequently in job descriptions in his field.

Chrys took a new photo of him for his profile picture, sealing his new image. 

Finally, Chrys added new connections on LinkedIn and brought his connections up significantly.

The client was contacted by one of his connections, who asked him if he was looking for work. The connection said he sounded like a fit based on his profile and asked to schedule an interview.

What the client said

“I’d been feeling overwhelmed with all of the things you need to manage in order to be competitive in the job market, and Chrys did a great job helping me with my LinkedIn image and took a lot of stress away from the task.”

Mark W.
Operations Manager

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