Architectural Construction Firm Website Redesign

design-Build Firm website re-design

For a design and construction company, the presentation of the website is especially important in building customer confidence. 

Goal: a modern site and customer engagement

The situation

Chrys was contacted by a client who designs and builds custom homes in the Pacific Northwest. 

At the time, their business used a static drag-and-drop website created with elements supplied by their webhost.

Images on the site were fairly small, making it difficult for any one element to stand out.

Navigation could be a challenge, since the website had a lot of sub-menu items. 

Engagement from visitors was low, and so was the volume of traffic. 


Website Traffic

Chrys created an account for the site in Google Search Console. 

She discovered that customers had been finding the company by searching for keywords related to cabinetry, rather than construction or drafting.

Customer Engagement

Chrys used Google Analytics to assess current website traffic and discovered it was low. 

The client mentioned an idea that might increase customer engagement and contact with the company, and asked Chrys to implement them.

First, the customer wanted a mailing list sign up form with an informative downloadable PDF as an incentive for signing up.

Website Design
Chrys planned a new website with the intention of showcasing the company’s gorgeous design and construction work. She also planned to create a clean-looking site as requested by the client and simplify navigation.
In addition, it was important the new design took into account the goals of increasing engagement, so the new elements needed to be strategically placed.


Website Traffic
A quick search for the company on Google explained why customers had been finding the company by searching for cabinetry. The company was miscategorized as a cabinet store.

Chrys immediately requested a recategorization of the website so it could be found in local search results for design and construction companies.

Throughout the site, Chrys added keyword optimized headings focusing on Design and Construction terms that would be scannable by Google. The fresh text added to the site emphasized location so customers in the San Juan area could find the firm easily.

Gallery photos were optimized with new alt-text descriptions, titles, and captions, as well as keyword-focused URLs.

outcome (continued)

Customer Engagement

Chrys created a call to action, which will be placed near the top of the website with a PDF download for signing up for a mailing list.

The invitation will be placed strategically once the client is ready for placement, so customers will see it soon after landing on the front page.

Website Design
Chrys gave the website a modern makeover, complete with a scrolling, full-page header area emphasizing the quality of the firm’s work.
The navigation menu was simplified so everything on the site would be accessible with just a couple of clicks.