4 Trends of Modern Home Page Design

Lane & Associates uses an uneven grid in their website layout

4 Homepage Website Design Trends

Coffee and a Good Book front page header.
I designed this website for Coffee and a Good Book which features a large header background, one of the current most popular website design trends.


When it comes to the homepages of modern websites, some common elements are emerging in design trends.  

As technology improves, websites are beginning to resemble immersive worlds complete with novel user experiences. At the same time, these modern sites look deceptively minimalist in style. 

Luckily, with the variety of plug-ins available on website publishing platforms such as WordPress, smaller businesses can get in on current design trends.

Today, I’ll take a look at 4 of these trends, with a bonus unconventional design style worth keeping an eye on. 

1. Clean, Minimalist Design

Clutter-free is in style for front pages right now. A clean, simplistic layout is welcoming and easy on the eyes. 

A quick visit to the home page of www.apple.com and you will notice that the website is minimalist in style.

The main page at www.microsoft.com, too, lacks clutter, an unexpected sight considering how many products Microsoft is promoting at any given time.


Modern websites are clean and minimalist in style, as in this example.
twentyseventeen wordpress theme
Lots of popular WordPress themes, including Twentyseventeen, use a large header space.

2. Large Header Backgrounds

User friendly minimalist WordPress themes like Sydney, TwentySeventeen, and Freddo all have one element in common: They feature large header backgrounds on their front pages. 


Even our website front page takes advantage of this attractive look .



Large header backgrounds can take up half or even the entirety of a landing page. They’re akin to splash pages in comic books or magazines.


These full-page backgrounds lend themselves well to a minimalist style.

3. Videos as Headers

As attention spans decrease and attraction to visual media increases, websites are trending increasingly toward recorded media.


Instead of using a static image, some web designers are integrating videos into their home page backgrounds. This forces attention toward the main message and encourages the user to click to find out more.  

A large call-to-action button is displayed prominently within a page's video header.
A large call-to-action button is displayed prominently within homeofgolf.com's video header.

4. Big Call to Action Buttons

Calls-to-action are no longer reserved for the bottoms of pages or as annoyingly intrusive popups. Today, they’re up near the top of home pages, integrated as smartly timed pop-ups and slide-ins, and showcased in bold buttons.


These elements encourage engagement on your website, enticing customers to talk to you. 


It is best you don’t overlook them – even if they do seem obnoxious. 

Bonus: Uneven & Unequal Grids

Some websites ignore the bounds of traditional symmetry in favor of unexpected, uneven grids. Lane & Associates offers a strong example of this style. 


When executed well, this layout requires an understanding of “asymmetrical balance,” a concept explained in depth by  Paddi Macdonnell in “Breaking the Grid Without Breaking Design.” 


You can explore one spectacular example of this concept at the website of Necto Digital Software Factory.









Lane & Associates uses an uneven grid in their website layout
Websites like this one by Lane & Associates ignore traditional grid layouts.
The home page of Necto Digital Software Factory uses a particularly unconventional layout.

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