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4 Benefits of Paying for SEO Services

Is Doing SEO On Your Own Worth It for Your Small Business?

By Chrys Doucette

With the availability of tools promising cheap, simplified Search Engine Optimization, it makes sense to ask about the benefits of paying for SEO services.

I understand the temptation to take SEO into your own hands.

After all, GoDaddy offers a low-cost SEO optimizer, Google Analytics is free, and you can download a plethora of free instruction guides. These tools are great for educating yourself on what SEO is, and giving you basic advice for making your website search friendly. 

I even offer a Free DIY Quickstart Guide for SEO.

Nearly anyone can learn basic SEO strategies.

In short, you can get a good start on your own with a small investment of time.

But here are some good reasons to consider for why paying for SEO services might be a better option:

1. Benefit from an Expert SEO Eye

SEO is about more than keyword optimized text. It’s about the speed of your website, the amount of data contained in photos, the quality of backlinks you’ve earned, and much more.

An expert who understands web design can ensure your website is speedy, your photos are optimized for the web, and that you are connected with reputable external websites.

The time savings allows you to …

2. Free Your Schedule of SEO Activities

As a small business owner, you could easily make search engine optimization your full-time job.

But you’re already running a business.

Your hands are already all over the place making sure your operation runs smoothly.

It takes time to research keywords, track the backlinks of your own website and competitors’ websites, and keep up to date on algorithm changes. 

Instead, allow a professional to handle this task for you, much like you would when delegating other tasks outside your time commitment.

3. Save Money on SEO Tools

What I’ve learned from starting my own SEO consulting service is that the best tools on the market cost money. Yes, you can do a lot of optimization yourself with some self-taught training. But some of the most valuable activities are aided greatly by the use of tools that cost money.

For example, promises to uncover SEO opportunities, conduct research on competitors, and find errors on your website. It also costs $179 per month. The service is worth the price, but keep in mind you will have to do the legwork and understand how to best utilize the tools. 

If you apply that same money toward hiring a professional, they can use this tool, and many other tools to identify problems and opportunities. 

Best of all, they can fix those errors.

See Long-Term Results

SEO is not a quick process, by any means. It can be frustrating that results aren’t instant. A good consultant will keep you updated, so you can see progress over time. 

When you’re doing it yourself, it can seem like SEO is a guessing game where you don’t know if you made the right decisions until many months have passed. 

A professional will give you peace of mind that the work being poured into your web optimization is actually working, via progress reports.

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